GOTV- live APK&H265 special jet -4K set-top box

GOTV is divided into H265 and GOTV software versions, both of which have the same channel and content. H265 special plane is equipped with strong quad-core, Android 7.1 system configuration, and the equipment is manufactured as native special plane system; GOTV software version is implemented by installing software on third-party set-top boxes or other viewing devices. GOTV live to live on the market at present high-definition effect, IPTV products, with the largest number of 1080 seconds speed change channels BuKa, really fast in Taiwan, all 350 sets of programs have seven days to see, let you no longer miss any program you want, with rich wonderful on demand, contains hit movies, series, TV drama synchronization update, 0 advertising, Bring you pure audio-visual enjoyment, multi-terminal devices can share the account, no need to add extra charges. The product supports free trial, no compulsory contract, no manual installation, out of the box, no additional costs and implicit provisions.
HDITV- Broadcast APK- Compatible with all devices
Has perfect adaptation of various types of set-top box, good compatibility, simple installation, out-of-the-box, all live high-definition, has 380 selected television channel in countries around the world, can collect channel, in Taiwan super smooth, zero buffer, 50 sets of programs with 7 days back to see, let you won't miss the program you want, software support android TV, android mobile phone, apple devices, Mobile viewing anytime and anywhere, is the best companion for your business trip and travel. Rich resources, containing 100+ English channels, after the installation of the product, let your home unused set-top box, TV content immediately become rich and colorful, our programs cover global news, sports, life, adventure, education, English learning, animation... It is also an ideal platform for learning courses. Operation interface is simple, men and women, old and young will use, more high-end more atmospheric!
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